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Information on products and prices

Each payment request may optionally include details about the products for which the payment is intended. When provided, this information will be presented at the checkout, offering the payer reassurance about the accuracy and safety of the order.

To incorporate product details, including their quantity and quality, the request for one step (split payment)) or two-step (two-step split payment) payment must be accompanied by the following parameters:

List of parameters with information about a product:

idStringProduct identifier in merchant's system
urlStringProduct URL
categoryStringProduct category
nameStringProduct name
descriptionStringProduct description
amountNumberProduct price (does not influence total payment amount)
currencyStringProduct price currency
price_typeStringEither VAT or NET
vatNumberVAT price for the product
qtyNumberProduct quantity
payloadStringField for custom data. Max 4000 symbols.

All the parameters above are optional.

Example payment request section with information about a product:

"id": "1",
"url": "",
"category": "TV",
"name": "Brand new TV",
"description": "Brand new TV with awesome screen",
"amount": 6600,
"currency": "UAH",
"price_type": "VAT",
"vat": 6600,
"qty": 1,
"payload": "ref_no=1231; discount=false"