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General information

Tranzzo provides an opportunity to check the customer's payment card before conducting a financial transaction for the validity of the specified data: card number, its expiration date and CVV/CVC. During such an operation, the customer's payment data is also checked for the presence in the black lists of the Anti-Fraud system.

A customer's failure to pass verification may indicate an error when entering card data, or an attempt at fraud using payment cards, which requires your additional attention.

As a result of successful card verification, you will receive a corresponding notification and card token, which can be used to create transactions via direct API integration.


  • Payment card verification operations have the "Lookup" type and are displayed with this value in the merchant portal.
  • Utilizing the feature enables you to generate a payment card token, which can be subsequently employed for recurring payments.

Note: primary payments (purchase, auth, credit, lookup, P2P) must have a unique order ID. In case the selected order ID is already set for another transaction, an error will be received when creating the order.

Verification of payment cards‚Äč